Watch the Game of Thrones cast sing “I Will Survive”

Talk about an ironic song choice.

June 20, 2017

Your typical Game of Thrones character has the life expectancy of the common housefly: if you’re not being run through by a homicidal ice zombie, you’re probably being poisoned as part of a cryptic political plot so that some shady noble can get ahead. That’s why, when you’re considering the shortlist of songs to score your GoT fan video, Gloria Gaynor’s as-immortal-as-the-Three-Eyed-Crow “I Will Survive” takes the top spot.

YouTube channel Sung By Movies went one better than just a run-of-the-mill fan music video, though: thanks to them, we now have video supercut of the denizens of Westeros singing  “I Will Survive.” Everyone, from Ramsay Bolton to Roose Bolton gets their time in the spotlight performing the karaoke staple, and we even get some crisp Joffrey-cheek percussion.

And yes, it features that incredible Tyrion dancing gif.

Game of Thrones‘ seventh and penultimate season premieres July 16th.

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