We put together a guide to buying lingerie for every(body)

Whether they're for your eyes only or an audience, get ready for February 14th with these special garments.

February 13, 2018

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means I’m waiting for the clock to strike midnight so I can get candy on sale. Whether you’re celebrating Galentine’s Day or Palentine’s Day or Valentine’s day, purchasing lingerie is a year long luxury that can be a fun purchase for yourself and your partner (but to be honest, mostly yourself). From the local to the online, from thongs to briefs, from donuts to zippers, there hopefully is something on this list for everyone. Mix and match and celebrate a day of love in many forms, whether that’s self-love or love for a special someone.

Betty Felon Fashions

Donut tell me this bralette is not great. Mixed with indulgence, some pink for the Valentine’s spirit, and the year round relevance of donuts, this bralette is great for anything from a fun night to a “I’m wearing a donut bra under my shirt” at work moment. Made by Betty Felons Fashions, a brand sourced, run, and made right in Toronto you’ll be supporting a great business and some great donuts. Website


Secrets from Your Sister

I would say nothing says Valentine’s Day like black lace, but so does pink, red, and white. If you’re feeling like you want something sexy, but traditionally classy, this bodysuit sure does it. Flattering for a variety of body types and can be worn in a variety of ways, this bodysuit while luxurious, is certainly an item that can fit seamlessly into any wardrobe. Also, you can try on other lovely items from their boutique in the Annex of Toronto.  Website

The Briefing Room

Nothing says accessible like a zipper (okay, it worked this time you cannot lie). Well, unless you don’t like zippers, I take that back. In which case, maybe it didn’t work. Anyway, if you’re looking for something risque but somehow functional, this could be the fit for you! Website

Lily James Apparel

Maybe you’re a floral fan just like me, and want something a little different from lace. Well, here you have it, the Morticia set from Lily James Apparel. Describing the line as “The line has a special focus on creating pieces for folks on all parts of the gender spectrum and are are all hand made in Canada, making it  clear Canadian artists are killing it in the lingerie front. Website

Men’s Room

Something that doubles as everyday but also says Valentine’s Day, here you have the Castro brief. If you’re not a fan of the zipper, but want something other than your Simpsons boxer shorts (seriously, no hate, refer to the donut bra above). With locations in Toronto, Montreal, and Chicago, I’m sure if this doesn’t tickle your fancy, something else might. Website


Of course, I have a lingerie the list without an underwire bra. While a more traditional cut of bra, this bra is far from traditional itself. While mixed with a variety of typical fabrics, it’s fit, cut, and combinations with a high waisted brief makes this traditional with a modern millennial pink twist. The pink satin says “sexy” but also says “sweet” and also says that you like pink, so you really can be  in charge of the messaging. Website

Forever Yours Lingerie

A classic — a babydoll dress. Paired with a hot pink bra and a black flowy skirt, this item will definitely make you feel sexy. Fit to flaunt gorgeous curves, Forever Yours has a variety of sizes, accommodating the wonderful diversity of the human body (I’m sorry, peoplekind). Website

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