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March 5, 2018

Here we are again. Hopefully you haven’t gotten sick of me yet. I’ve been nose deep into a lot of throwbacks this week because I’m perpetually behind. Seriously, I’ve listened to the Dua Lipa self titled for about the 100th time. But, I did catch a couple of things here and there that I’m loving that I have to say are pretty fresh. So here they are, your third installment of “Ayla tries to keep track of all the things.”

Carrie Underwood and Ludacris — “The Champion”

If you watched either the Winter Olympics or the Super Bowl, you probably have caught this collab between American Idol alum Carrier Underwood and Atlanta’s very own Ludacris providing the soundtrack to the medal count. If you need a feel-good video after suffering from “God’s Plan” withdrawal, think of this as your reservoir.

Tory Lanez — “Memories Don’t Die”

“This is my motherf**king album” and there you have one of the year’s most anticipated releases (well, at least for me). While it may not be the envelope pushing album you may want, it’s still a very fun record to listen to especially as the days get warmer. Some notable tracks include “Old Friends X New Foes” and “Hate to Say”. Also, shoutout to Brampton

Safiya Nygaard’s – “I Tried 4 Different Personalized Style Boxes”

I am a huge fan of Safiya Nygaard. Her videos are interesting, she sets some interesting trends, and she’s incredibly relatable. She also buys a lot of stuff I will never bother buying, but have always been slightly curious about, which is quite fun. This one is super fun because she tried a bunch of different boxes and validates the fact maybe my preference for in store shopping in an online world isn’t so outdated after all.

Chefs, Drugs and Rock and Roll by Andrew Freidman

In this new book by Andrew Freidman, we get an inside look at how the “rockstar chef” was born. Chefs, Drugs and Rock & Roll  tells the story of how the evolution of the American restaurant chef in the 1970s and ’80s gave chefs like Wolfgang Puck their start.

Perfume Genius — “Jory” and “Lulla”

Just in time for me to post this list, Perfume Genius blesses us with some tunes, and not just one, but two. Both tracks are short, sweet, and yes, set to some vintage porn clips. Haunting, beautiful, and a little cryptic, it’s a beautiful follow-up to Perfume Genius’ 2017 record, No Shape.

Vox Mini-Docs

Want to know more about your favourite type of chocolate? Have no fear, Vox is here. If you haven’t read anything from Vox just yet, they basically explain the news. Whether it’s an indepth look at the NRA to vocal frys, Vox has you covered. They also have a really interesting episode on New Orleans bounce you should check out. Okay I’ll stop but GO WATCH THEM.

Kelela – Over/Under

Kelela is a stunning human and artist, so of course when this came out I was all googly eyes. Here, she

Sufjan’s Oscar Performance

During his Oscars performance, Sufjan Stevens brought on Moses Sumney and St. Vincent which is pretty much everything I ever wanted from my entire life. So this is me talking about how I cried, curled into a ball and continued to cry, and was also really grateful that Sufjan is around making beautiful music and putting on amazing performances.

Weleda Skin Food

Seasons change, and I’m trying hard not to be dry af. So you may have noticed that I’m obsessed with lotion. When I’m not fawning over the luxurious Aesop hand creams, I’m always reaching for this: Weleda Skin food. Doubling as a facial mask and a hand cream, this tube is literally liquid magic. I have some pretty bad hyperpigmentation, and this mask along with some retinoid is a matchmade in heaven. Also, a tube only costs $11 (the large one is $20) and it’s worth every penny.

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