TwentyFourSeven: In Bloom with Sean Leon

Sean Leon learns about flowers, and himself, from a floral designer. "I wanted to challenge toxic masculinity. "

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July 23, 2018
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When it comes to drawing the lines between the relationship music has to the world around us, it’s evident that Sean Leon is playing in a different league. A multi-medium artist in the truest sense of the word, the rapidly rising Toronto rapper (who’s been hailed as the next promising hope to rescue the city), has built his work around dynamic melodies and overlayed unparalleled lyrical agility that he carefully packages into a variety of unique expressions.

Few things scream creativity quite like picking up a new skill, and few artists approach constant creative evolution quite like Sean Leon. When it came time for him to go over options for what he might want to try his hand at, he lit up at the idea of putting together a flower arrangement. Oftentimes a symbol of regrowth and change, flowers say as much about the world around us as the as they push us to expand our perceptions of art. For Sean Leon it can be an extension of his creative process, so we followed along as he taught us what goes into the perfect arrangement of all things in bloom.

Additional Footage by Rack & Pinion Creative

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