You can now purchase La Croix swimwear

Instagram is about to explode.

May 16, 2018

It seems that there will be no stress this summer when it comes to making your poolside aesthetic more vaporwave, as LA-based designer Eric Wu has unveiled a new line of swimwear inspired by the internet’s favorite brand of soda water, La Croix.

The line, which faithfully translates five flavours of the drink into wearable clout (coconut is disappointingly absent), is available in both swimtrunk and one-piece forms. Wu’s online shop Publicspace, which calls itself an outlet for “vaporwave and aesthetic clothing”, is retailing the pieces at $39 for the trunks and $49 for the one-piece – a small price to pay to become a living avatar of “Pamplemousse”.

If you find the La Croix memery too played out and are seeking a more authentic Windows-98-inspired style to bring to the beach, Wu’s still got you covered: Publicspace are also selling FIJI water-inspired swim trunks.

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