10 baller songs to soundtrack your Raptors’ NBA championship celebrations

Four. Won. Six.

June 17, 2019

Look, you definitely already know this, but in case you think you’re still dreaming, allow me to affirm: last night, the Toronto Raptors won Game 6 against the league’s reigning dynasty, the Golden State Warriors, to earn themselves the title of 2019 NBA Champions.

The team’s first NBA title has been a long time coming (24 years, to be exact), so there’s plenty of reasons to celebrate: whether it’s players like Kyle Lowry and Jeremy Lin securing rings, the beauty of Kawhi Leonard, or Canada’s only basketball team finally being recognized for greatness on the world stage.

We’ve put together a perfect playlist of songs to listen to as you crack open your Molson and order your “Boardman Gets Paid” shirt,  each encapsulating the journey and the glory of the win that our team worked so hard for. We the North, baby.

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