10 of the best (and worst) films starring musicians

Let's be real, From Justin to Kelly defined an era.

April 17, 2019

These days, our TV chats and watching habits may center around the Jon Snows and Fab Fives of the world, but we often forget how, back in the early-00s, the only televised cultural force we needed was American Idol (and okay, maybe some Survivor, too). Every week millions tuned to for Seacrest, Simon, and plenty of singing which, logically, led to someone getting the brilliant idea of “We should definitely make a movie out of this!” The result? From Justin to Kelly, a take on Grease for the TRL-era that quickly established itself as one of the worst films of all time, both critically and commercially.

Despite the flop, the film’s main star, inaugural Idol winner Kelly Clarkson, has done pretty well for herself – maintaining an impressively-consistent career while also having the honours of being involved in the creation of the best karaoke song of all time. Despite these successes, Clarkson has finally spoken out about that big red “X” on her resumé, admitting that the trainwreck of her 2002 film is “the worst thing ever.”

Clarkson’s acting debut may have been, er, rocky, but she’s not alone. Plenty of other popular musicians have tried to march their way onto the silver screen with…mixed results. For the sake of solidarity with Kelly, we’ve rounded up some of the worst movies starring musicians and for the sake of you, the reader, we’ve thrown in a handful of musician-starring movies that are more than worth your time.

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