10 of the most expensive Record Store Day releases—and 5 from this year to look out for

You might find a golden ticket at your local record store.

April 12, 2019

Few hobbies outside of childhood capture the Gotta-Catch-‘Em-All-ness of Pokémon in the way that record collecting does—instead of Mewtwos and Pikachus, though, we have picture discs and limited-run box sets. Few examples capture this vibe of the hobby better than Record Store Day; the annual holiday meant to celebrate your local purveyors of vinyl with special releases both random and rare. How special, you may ask? Well, check out the gallery above for a look at what some of the music from Record Store Days of the past currently go for.

Intrigued? Overwhelmed? Looking to invest in some vinyl you can flip for 60 times the price in five years? No worries! Here are some releases for Record Store Day 2019 that have us excited:

Bone Thugs-n-Harmony – E. 1999 Eternal

The sophomore classic from the Ohio hip hop heavyweights, despite being nearly a quarter-century old, has never been released in vinyl form—until now that is. Wake up like it’s the first of the month to head to the record store if you’re looking to get your hands on Bone Thugs in LP form.

Various Artists – The Crow: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Don’t let the “Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” addendum fool you – The Crow’s soundtrack remains one of the finest encapsulations of the 90’s goth boom, and it’s finally available on vinyl for the first time as of tomorrow. “How goth though,” you may ask? It features a Nine Inch Nails cover of a Joy Division song – yeah, that goth.

Robyn – Body Talk box set

Robyn’s 2010 Body Talk trilogy was indeed released as a vinyl box set back at the beginning of the decade – though you’ll have to drop upwards of $360 if you’re looking to do some dancing on your own. Thankfully, everyone’s favourite Swede is making the Talk trio available on vinyl once more for this year’s Record Store Day.

Devo – This Is The Devo Box

Once exclusively available as a Japan-only CD box set, this set of remasters for Devo’s first six releases arrives stateside on vinyl tomorrow to prove to you that the influence of the Cleveland weirdos lies far beyond the catchiness of “Whip It”.

Otis Redding with Booker T. & The M.G.’s and The Mar-Keys – Just Do It One More Time! Live at the Monterey International Festival

For the first time ever, fans and listeners can experience “the greatest live soul record never released,” Otis Redding’s career-defining performance at the Monterey Pop Festival, in the form of limited-edition marbled vinyl; complete with remastered audio.

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