10 self-love anthems to treat yourself to this Valentine’s Day

Because everyone knows that the best part of February 14th is the discounted chocolate on February 15th.

February 14, 2019

It’s that time of year again, when crappy cinnamon candies and fast food two-can-dine deals remind you of how damn single you are. Stop worrying about not having a hot V-Day date though because guess what—you do! They’re adorable, a blast to hang with, and if you look in the mirror, they’re staring right back at you.

Yes, we know we’re piling it on thick but when else will you have the opportunity to gas yourself up than on a day dedicated to love. Whether it’s solo-ing it to a museum or Netflix and chilling with yourself, take this annual celebration of love to show some toward yourself. However it is you end up showering yourself with that well-deserved affection, we’ve got ten of the biggest self-love jams to help you do it.

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