10 times hip hop collided with the world of gaming

From the controversy around Milly Rockin' in Fortnite, to playing Asher Roth in NBA 2k10, here are 10 weird hip hop and gaming crossovers.

December 18, 2018

The hype-based, culture-dominating worlds of hip hop and video games continue to collide, with just this week seeing Fortnite’s embrace of street-incubated dances inspiring legal action and Soulja Boy unveiling SouljaGame, a console with a collection of old-school Nintendo games that may also inspire some legal action.

It’s obvious that this isn’t the first time the worlds of video games and hip hop have collided – shocking enough, this isn’t even the first time Soulja Boi and video game development have crossed paths. We’ve broken down the strange history of rap and gaming’s mutual love affair in the gallery above.

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