10 untold stories about the places your favourite albums are named after

Mac Miller's Blue Slide Park is only the most recent example of musicians pulling inspiration from their surroundings.

March 11, 2019

Mac Miller continues to be honoured in the wake of his passing last September, with the latest tribute to the artist and his legacy quietly taking place over Google Maps. A fan-based Twitter account for the rapper @MacMillerMemoir, noticed that the sub-section of Pittsburgh’s Frick Park which Miller’s 2011 studio debut, Blue Slide Park, is now listed to those looking it up on the app as “Mac Miller’s Blue Slide Park”:

A lack of comment from either Google Maps or Miller’s teams begs the question of whether or not this change comes from a Google employee with good taste in music or just mislabelled Yelp data, but regardless of its origin, the renaming should certainly help speed up the fan petition to officially rename the park in Miller’s honour.

Though this may be the most recent example of an album changing the name of the location it’s named after, it’s certainly not the first example of an artist taking some geographical inspiration when it comes to naming their collection of songs. Above, we gathered 10 albums and the stories of the places that inspired their names.

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