11 celebrities who are proud members of the BTS army

We stan a BTS fan.

May 21, 2019

Though we’ve all heard the statement “Make love, not war” before, the ever-expanding BTS Army is one militia that is all about love – specifically, love for the globally-dominant K-Pop band. With last month’s release of Map of the Soul: Persona pushing the group to an even higher level of visibility on the international stage, the BTS Army only continues to grow – so it’s no surprise that it counts a handful of famous fans among its ranks.

The latest addition to the fandom appears to be commercially-dominant country crooner/Voice judge/former “Sexiest Man Alive” Blake Shelton. With the group set to appear on tonight’s season finale of The Voice, Shelton couldn’t contain his excitement: “We have the same initials, but we haven’t met yet so I’m excited to meet then – my gosh!”

In his excitement, Shelton went to to admit that “I love [their music],” elaborating that “when it comes on the radio, and I’m driving, it’s dangerous because I do this [making a heart shape with his hands] and then I’m trying to steer with my elbows. [The music] just makes me do that!”

Though one of the most popular purveyors of contemporary country twang might seem like an unlikely candidate to be drafted into the BTS Army, Shelton is just the latest piece of evidence for the group’s ability to transcend both borders and genre with their irresistible music. Above, we’ve highlighted 10 other celebrities who consider themselves card-carrying members of the BTS fandom.

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