11 landmark albums that are still nearly impossible to stream

Time to either shell out for a TIDAL subscription, or a trip to the record store.

April 22, 2019

All hail the Queen – Bey, that is. After dropping both a Netflix special and a surprise live album of her 2018 Coachella set, it was announced that three years later Beyoncé’s iconic Lemonade would be freed from TIDAL exclusivity and made available to stream on all platforms.

It’s hard to believe that, despite its international influence and universal acclaim, Lemonade has only been available for (well, legal) listening in such a singular way since it dropped. In a time when the streaming platform reigns supreme when it comes to mass music consumption, one seemingly-innocuous quality that’s often overlooked—beyond the actual quality of the music—is availability: specifically, how does the current platform-exclusive releases and sample-clearance nightmares influence the music that we listen to and talk about?

Here are 11 classic albums that, whether they be confined to a single streaming service or just completely absent from them all, remain difficult to stream despite their iconic status. Peeping through these 11 reminders of what Spotify has been hiding from you  might just move you to grab yourself a TIDAL subscription or even *gasp” take a trip to the record store.

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