12 lost albums that have yet to see the light of day

We're not holding our breath.

May 3, 2019

The idea of the “lost album” is one that can be traced all the way back to the beginning of pop music history, with fans speculating for decades over long-unreleased LPs such as The Beach Boys’ Smile (which eventually was issued back in 2011 as part of The Smile Sessions) to the Beatles’ Get Back (the Fab Four weren’t as lucky).

In an era when an album announcement is as likely to come in the form of a tipsy Tweet as often as a press release, the phenomenon of the lost album seems to be more pervasive than ever. Though we may end up getting lucky on some of our bets (Chinese Democracy did eventually come out, after all), here are 12 albums from some of our favourite artists that—whether they were scrapped, stolen, destroyed, or disowned—are releases that we still have bets out on if they’ll ever see the light of day.

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