13 band names photographed literally

Get it?

May 5, 2014

Taken at face value, band names are often bizarre: Ever thought of what, say, a Motorhead might look like? Or an Infected Mushroom? Indeed, there’s a latent absurdity to musical monikers, and photographer Ana Becerra knows it—that’s why she dedicated an entire month to photographing literal band names. Neat? You bet.

But, as a photographer—and, we suspect, stylist—it’s also a challenging creative project. The first photo at the top of the page might be Becerra’s most direct; it’s a literal band of horses. But throughout the month, the San Diego photographer produced many, many more photos, and the results varied: Some were stunning, some were esoteric, and some were flat-out funny. Here are 13 of our favourites.

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