13 Canadian Music Week 2019 shows on the top of our radar

From Zaki Ibrihim and Black Mountain, to Television and Azealia Banks, this year's lineup is sure to thrill.

May 1, 2019

Canadian Music Week returns to Toronto May 6th  to drench the city in equal parts industry brainstorming, and a healthy helping of musical goodness. This year the festival’s two headliners, Azealia Banks and Marshmello, offer enough range for every bit of your musical palate.

Whether you’re in the mood for influential giants or their genre like Television; powehouse lineups like Ebhoni, Sydanie, and Witch Prophet; or are seeking out a proven good time from Random Recipe, CMW’s buffet of bands ensures something for everyone. To help sort through the infinite options selections, here are our top picks for the festival.

You can purchase wristbands for CMW here. 

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