13 classic album covers recreated in Microsoft Paint

Microsoft is getting rid of MS Paint, so let's remember it with some classic album art reinterpretations.

July 24, 2017

UPDATE: WE DID IT! Due to the, er, outpouring of love (???), Microsoft has announced that it’ll keep Paint alive. 

With the sad news of the upcoming murder of a beloved, 30-year-old icon, tech lovers everywhere are already in mourning of the passing of MS Paint, and the role the rudimentary program payed in childhood computer graphics education the world over. Who among us can’t remember trying to draw pictures, comics, abstract art, you name it,  yet somehow the end result always turned out like this:

That was all part of MSPaint’s charm, but, as with anything, those who stuck with it were able to get a bit further along in skill:

Well, that great era is at an end: Microsoft has announced that the venerable MS Paint is one of of the programs scheduled to be terminated with the arrival of the new Fall Creators update, alongside Outlook Express, the Reader app and Reading list in the future. Don’t be sad it’s over, just be glad it happened.

What better way to celebrate the three-decade legacy of one of the most iconic programs of all time with some classic MS Paint album art? Compiled from Mark Fischer’s Flickr account, in which he keeps track of classic album art recreated with the grandfather of all computer graphics tools (sorry, Photoshop).

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