15 albums that have spent the longest time on the Billboard 200 charts

Blurryface by Twenty One Pilots has spent four years on the chart, but they have nothing on some of these lifers.

May 16, 2019

Tomorrow marks the four-year anniversary of Twenty One Pilots’ breakout album Blurryface, and if the massive success that the duo has found since they entered the spotlight isn’t impressive enough, it’s worth noting that Blurryface hasn’t spent a single week absent from Billboard’s Top 200 Albums chart since it dropped.

While 208 consecutive weeks on the charts is no small feat, especially in the age of streaming, the boys still have some ground to cover before Blurryface starts breaking the big records when it comes to the amount of time an album has spent on the Billboard 200. Take, for example, AC/DC’s Back in Black –  which, while only the 15th-longest charting album of all time, currently sits at a total of 358 weeks in the top 200. Admittedly, AC/DC’s 1982 hit has several decades on Blurryface, so we’re sure it’s only a short matter of time before Twenty One Pilots can count themselves among true Billboard royalty.

If you’re looking to square up the competition that Twenty One Pilots are up against or just find yourself curious about the most commercially-enduring albums of all time, check out the gallery above, where we’ve compiled the top 15 longest-charting albums on the Billboard 200 throughout musical history.

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