25 of the most rewatchable summer box office bombs since Y2K

Money isn’t everything, but these 21st century box office bombs expected more of it.

June 21, 2018

Have you heard of this thing called money? It turns out major movie studios are quite fond of it and feel sad when the blockbuster they’ve promoted doesn’t make enough of it. (How dare you not buy a ticket to R.I.P.D. to improve the quality of yacht a multimillionaire exec chooses to own! You monster! *shakes fist*) It’s that pursuit of a big fat hit that makes box office bombs so gawshdarn special. It’s financial (and often artistic) failure on a spectacular level and it comes from the pungent scent of buttery topping.

As summer movie season approaches with plastic commemorative cups and midnight screenings in tow, we figured it would be a fantastic time to look back at 25 summer box office bombs that have stumbled out into the world since 2000. Not everything on this list is necessarily terrible, but it did leave a smouldering crater where someone’s vision of a massive multiplex smash was supposed to be. Crank up that Battlefield Earth soundtrack, because we’ve got some abandoned theaters to travel through.

Note: Box office data used is plucked from the invaluable Box Office Mojo.

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