40 celebrity stories that won’t make you dry heave with disappointment

Something pleasant to chew on while we (impatiently) wait on a total overhaul of the entertainment industry.

November 10, 2017

The last several weeks have brought the toxic underbelly of the entertainment industry to the surface. From Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey in the movie industry to musicians Matt Mondanile from Ducktails and Crystal Castles’ Ethan Kath and most recently, Louis CK, the list for sexually aggressive behaviour by powerful individuals continues to grow. Alongside “revelations” of what, to most, have been open secrets,  for the first time in recent memory, it also feels like the industry is finally responding to its entrenched shortcomings.

The onslaught of allegations—and swift, affirmative responses by some of the biggest forces in the entertainment industry such as show cancellations and the deletion of catalogues— have also introduced a new approach to dealing with violence in the industry. We can admit that it’s slow, but can also acknowledge that it is is change.

While we (impatiently) wait on a total overhaul,  here’s a list of celebrity stories that wont make you want to delete your entire movie and music collection, thanks to @Bakkooonn.

Harmony Corine is generous

Method Man apparently smells great

So does Christopher Walken

Salma Hayek, Mel C and Lucy Liu are very nice people

Every actor in The Good Place is lovely

* which we’re all for because it’s arguably the most exciting show on TV

Nathan Fillion always feeds his cast

Lin-Manuel Miranda has the kindest eyes

Bruce Springsteen is a sweetheart

Kenny G is a big tipper

A$AP Rocky will always make time to talk about fashion.

Cuba Gooding Jr. gets excited about home audio

Alex Trebek is very patient

Waka Flocka Flame cares about your well-being

Keanu Reeves gives away home theatres to his staff

Andrew WK is actually very nice

Robin Williams was unbelievably compassionate

Keith Richards is very down to earth

Michael Keaton plays frisbee with extras

Will.I.Am is extremely smart and giving

Tegan and Sara sometimes play free shows for fans

Michael Stipe is hilarious

Joseph Gordan-Levitt plays music for the crew

Elijah Wood shares his weed

Harrison Ford gives the most beautiful eulogies

Carrie Fisher gives life advice to fans

Questlove is a great conversationalist

St. Vincent is complimentary

LL Cool J will get down to your level

Queen Latifah carries her own purse

Kesha is not picky when it comes to her rider

Johnny Marr is very gracious

Matthew McConaughy always returns his clothes

And is also fighting the good fight

Iggy Pop will say he likes your band

Dolly Parton wants kids to read

Benedict Cumberbatch spends times with dying patients

Harry Belafonte shakes everyone’s hand

Tim Gunn is a real gentleman

Margaret Atwood is graceful

Chris Martin visits the Children’s Hospital of every country he visits

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