7 celebs who constantly kill it on Halloween

Beyoncé puts your costume game to shame, but would you expect any less?

October 25, 2017

Celebrities! They’re just like us… provided you have millions of dollars to your name, worldwide adulation, and enough cultural capital to dominate approximately 1,000,000 social media threads a week. That being said, sometimes their incredible wealth and jockeying for Instagrammable attention leads to some amazing Halloween costumes.

When you’ve got a legion of personal assistants to trawl through the nation’s Goodwills to find that perfect Spongebob tie, you probably don’t have to worry about under-delivering. Even so, there are a few celebrities who consistently stand out from the pack, year after year, such as:

Beyoncé and Jay Z

The queen B might not have a literal bee in her Halloween arsenal, but Beyoncé doesn’t slouch when it comes to her costumes over the years. Jay’s duds aren’t half bad either… these two are couples costume royalty!

Heidi Klum

Not everyone can pull off costumes like an inside-out human, a golden alien and an apple, but leave it to Heidi Klum to show the rest of the fashion world up:

Katy Perry

From a lifesize flaming Cheeto to Jane from Daria,  Katy kills it in the costuming department.

Neil Patrick Harris & fam

Now that he’s a dad, Neil has to keep it PG… maybe one day we’ll get to see him dressed up as the Harold & Kumar version of himself. Until then, we’ll swoon for his adorable family photos.

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Harrison Ford

He has a reputation for grumpiness, but that doesn’t mean everyone’s favourite acting dad can’t let loose and show his fun side sometimes. Once a year, at least. (Shout out to Calista, too. We see you Ally McBeal!)

Kim Kardashian

Whatever you think of her celebrity, you have to give it up to Kim for her all-out, on-brand approach to Halloween.

The Cleveland Cavaliers

Lebron, Love, and the gang consistently win internet “Best Costume” awards as much as they win NBA titles.

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