7 GIFable moments from Jaden Smith’s new Batman video

Jaden Smith as white Batman is the hero we didn't know we needed.

June 15, 2017

Ever wanted to know what Jaden Smith might be like as an alt-universe, Elseworlds-style Batman with a villain-blinding, all-white suit?

Well, if so, you’re about to get your incredibly specific wish, because that’s the concept behind Smith’s newest music video for his song “Batman”:

Jaden’s no stranger to the odd, striking visual or two – just witness his previous work – but the “Batman” clip marks a new high point in trippy, superhero-based hip-hop music videos. Sure beats “Without Me”, anyway.

When you sleep through your alarm on Monday morning

The new Bat signal

Look how excited he is to be in that suit

The Batmobile’s gotten a few… upgrades?

Batman V Superman + Batman

The new Bat-Dance

As Jaden is no doubt aware, Batman has no jurisdiction—that’s probably why he can dance with Marvel heroes like Spider-Man and not end up on the wrong side of his true nemesis: a trademark infringement case.

Watch the clip in full below, and try not to get too excited about a potential sequel featuring Willow Smith as Barbara Gordon.

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