7 things all iTunes users will remember

iTunes: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

June 5, 2019

iTunes is dead, long live iTunes. Apple announced, at its Worldwide Developers Conference that they would be putting their once revolutionary, now wheezing and bloated digital media manager out of its misery.

It isn’t all good riddance, though. Though clunky, top-heavy support for everything from podcasts to college courses had relegated the program to little more than a punchline over the final years of its life (one developer called it “a toxic hellstew of technical cruft and a toxic hellstew of UI design”), there’s little denying that Apple’s once-signature program normalized  the idea of digital music away from the malware-infested swamps of Limewire and kickstarted the online media revolution that continues today.

An unsupported version of the app is set to still be available for Windows users, but Mac users will be pleased to hear that the user-unfriendly media manager will be split into distinct Music, Podcast, and Video applications with the release of Mac’s newest OS.

If you had an iPod – and if you spent any time living in the 2000s, chances are you did – you had iTunes, and all the joy and grief that came with it. In the gallery above, we’ve memorialized the good (those cool ads!) the bad (those constant updates!) and the ugly (that U2 album!) of iTunes’ 19-year legacy.

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