8 classic MTV reality TV classics that deserve a reboot

If Diddy brought back "Making the Band" would you audition?

July 9, 2019

On a long enough timeline, it seems, everything will eventually be rebooted. This past April, an internet battalion – led by the unlikely duo of Wale and Seth Rogen – hopped on Diddy’s case, begging the rapper to bring back his 2000’s reality classic, Making the Band.

And though it only took him over two months to respond, Diddy finally hit the two celebrity superfans back yesterday, letting them know that MTV has hit him up about bringing back the show – and asking them if it’s a good idea:

I mean, of course they should. And while the world is most definitely finally ready for the next O-Town, we’ve also put together 7 other gems from MTV’s turn-of-the-century pivot into the intersection between music and reality television that we’d also love to see make a return.

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