8 perfect Lost in Translation homages from Shawn Mendes’ “Lost in Japan” video

You're going to want to give the original a re-watch.

October 29, 2018

Though there may be many shades to Shawn Mendes—singer, Harry Potter nerd, aspiring Punk’d host —colour us surprised that “cinephile” is one of them; a side of his personality which the Canadian artist showed off by making his new video for “Lost in Japan” an homage to the always-hip Sofia Coppola’s breakthrough 2003 dramedy, Lost in Translation.

The “Lost in Japan” video sees Shawn taking over Bill Murray’s Lost in Translation role of disenchanted celebrity/whiskey spokerperson, while bringing on 13 Reasons Why’s Alisha Boe to snatch ScarJo’s pink wig and play Mendes’ flirty friend.

We definitely find Shawn’s boyish smile a bit easier on the eyes than Bill Murray’s resigned shrug, but Mendes’ signature smirk isn’t the only pretty thing to look at in the video, which is comprised to a number of shot recreations and visual nods to Coppola’s original. Check out the gallery above to see how well Mendes & Co. nailed all their Lost in Translation references, and speculate about which Criterion might be next in Mendes’ recreate-a-thon (Can’t wait to see his take on the Seventh Seal!).

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