A brief history of Rihanna calling out Donald Trump

Rihanna spends a lot of time calling out Trump, and we're so here for it

November 15, 2019

She may have been newly crowned the richest female musician on the planet, but Rihanna seems to be a little too busy these days to be spending her time counting all her money. It’s not her newly-expanded FENTY beauty line or musical career that seems to be taking up her schedule as of late, however, but a far more admirable task: calling out Donald Trump on his bullshit.

The Barbados-born pop star has devoted time during the last few years to cashing in her cultural cachet for the applause-worthy mission of bringing awareness to the Trump Administration’s uncivil treatment and approach toward immigration.

Rihanna’s shots were first fired late last year ago when the singer debuted the second clothing drop of her FENTY Collection, which included shirts with “immigrant” boldly emblazoned on their front, with a kicker on the back of them reading “No More Music.”

As if it was unclear what RiRi meant by such design choices, an Instagram post from Sunday night confirmed that the singer was highlighting her own immigrant status – and how it’s a more important part of her identity than any handful of Number One singles —in light of the Trump Administration’s continued mistreatment of immigrants. The singer even went as far in her tea-spilling to directly tag the president himself in her post:

The singer didn’t stop there, however. When she appeared at the BET Awards in 2019 to help honour Mary J. Blige’s Lifetime Achievement Award, music wasn’t on Rihanna’s mind when she used a backstage interview as an opportunity to instead continue to bring awareness to the horrors of the Trump Administration’s immigration policies – and try to inspire fans to do the same.

“I think in any situation where it’s as devastating as what’s happening in America right now with the immigrants you have to be as loud as you can,” the singer explained while speaking to The Root. She doesn’t want to be the only loud one in the room, however, urging the need to “raise as much awareness as a whole, as a nation. Put all your heads together, put all your voices together, and be as loud as possible. That the only way politicians and the government actually listen, when they feel that their country is as concerned as the matter is concerning.”

Though there’s been a constant stream of rumours surrounding when and what Rihanna’s first new music in three years will be, we’re totally down to wait around as long as she continues using her voice to drop these sorts of necessary truth bombs.

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