Mark Hoppus is the dad joke king of Twitter

The Blink-182 bassist is a must follow.

May 22, 2017

Mark Hoppus, beloved manchild and proud owner of an Urban Dictionary-defined haircut, runs a tight ship on Twitter. His staunch, unashamed dedication to dad jokes has made for a venerated social media presence, one which overfloweth with top-notch puns, neighbourhood barbecue banter and khaki-panted quips. In service of the greater good and the betterment of society, we took a deep dive through the noted blink-182 bassist’s Twitter account to compile his very best and brightest dad jokes for your reading and pity-laughing pleasure.

Oh, I get it.

Dad stop.

Seriously dad you’re embarrassing me.


More like “Grand Theft NOT-o”

My favourite Foster The People song, “Waxed-Off Pubes”

The best president.

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Updog Content Pt.1: Twenty-One Pilots are the poets of our generation.

This is….. true.

Really makes you think……..

“I Miss You” Remix Pt. 1

Peak Dad.


Peak Dad Pt. 2

“Is Mark Hoppus Eddie Vedder’s dad?: An Investigation”

This is an objectively terrible tweet but it has almost 6000 retweets.


Peak Dad Pt. 3


Updog Content Pt. 2: Frozen Version.

Peak Dad Pt. 4

Mark Hoppus imagining other rockstars as dads.

“I Miss You” Remix Pt. 2

True to form, Mark Hoppus is a dad at heart.

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