A Shawn Mendes/One Direction collaboration might be in the works

We can dream.

January 23, 2019

One Direction was a five-way on-again-off-again romance as much as it was a musical act. But just because they aren’t together anymore doesn’t mean they’re gonna quit playing games with your heart. The boys are back in town—kind of, at least—and they’ve brought along a new friend named Shawn Mendes. It’s like The Parent Trap, only with boyishly cute singers instead of two Lindsay Lohans.

Yesterday, a hopeful fan asked Niall Horan if he’d ever consider teaming up with Shawn Mendes for a collab. If you’ve never ventured to the corner of the Internet reserved exclusively for all things 1D, these types of fantasy-questions are not uncommon. What is uncommon is them being responded to, which is exactly what Niall did – with some good news:

It wasn’t just floods of screaming fans hopping into Niall’s mentions after he revealed his hopes for the future collab. Shawn Mendes himself slid in. Though seeing Shawn’s name pop up is always welcome, we can’t tell if he made matters better or worse for the fragile hearts of fans everywhere by returning the collab-crush right back to Niall:

Oh, but we’re not done yet. It could have been out of jealousy, it could have been Shawn’s plan all along, but him and Niall’s social media slow-dance attracted the attention of a long lost lover offering their services – and effectively brought us one step closer to that One Direction reunion:

Liam Payne’s triangle skills might be an unknown commodity right now, but at this point we’ll take anything involving the boys making music together again—especially with the bonus of Shawn Mendes’ involvement. Though nothing has been formally announced yet, I leave you with this cryptic tweet, posted after the fact, which may imply this to be more than just a three-way Twitter-mance:

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