AJ McLean helps school district announce snow day

“Today Is a Snow Day” sung to the tune of “I Want It That Way?”

January 12, 2018

Children get amped up enough already when it’s just a regular snow day at school, but when Backstreet Boy (and vape promoter) AJ McLean takes it upon himself to sing a snow day announcement to the tune of “I Want It That Way,” things get even more exciting for the students of Wisconsin’s Cumberland School District. OK, maybe not as excited as they would’ve been in 1999, but still:

“I was listening to this Backstreet Boys song, ‘I Want It That Way,’ and I thought that could be turned into a snow day song,” district high school principal Ritchie Narges told the Journal Sentinel, saying the idea came about after teachers had seen a principal at another district do their own snow-day song. Narges connected with AJ through an old college football teammate who lives in Los Angeles and knows all of the Backstreet Boys. After learning McLean was amenable to starring in the video, the principal sent McLean some Cumberland high school gear, and a script for the video.

The school district filmed the video in about two hours over Christmas break back in 2016, but the winter of 2017 was resolutely snow-day free, which left the video in limbo… until now. There’s currently no plans for another popstar-featuring snow day video, but Narges said that “maybe we’ll get some pop stars that will contact us that will want to intro our next video.”


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