ALBUM PREMIERE: Bide My Time Until I Die by catl.

On their new album, Bide my time until I die, the Toronto duo remind us that they're some of the most thoughtful punk-rock cowboys around.

September 14, 2018

On their most recent album, Toronto band catl. are frank about getting older, which they admit, also brings some insight: “This is our 5th record that is a summation of our existence as a band. The world is going to hell in a hand basket but unless we remain positive and take the time to have fun, we will never come together,” explains Jamie Fleming over email.

Celebrating a decade of touring their country-fried garage rock party to all corners of the world, Bide my time until I die isn’t just another lo-fi hoedown. Recorded in more than 3 different facilities (Sam Phillips in Memphis, Revolution in Toronto, and Sonology in the west end of Toronto), if the tracks on the album feel sharply familiar, it’s has everything to do with the state of Mississippi which has been a long-standing influence on the band.

“I’ve always been fascinated that this small, largely rural state that is predominantly populated by black folks produces such a  rich, diverse and influential foundation for music for decades,” Flemming explains. “The music made more sense to me once we were able to experience the pace of living, the landscape and how people practiced their art in the area.”

Perhaps the best part of Bide my time until is  the band’s eagerness to question the tropes of rock music, giving their songs a degree of introspection that is sometimes uncharacteristic of music this fun. While “Cocaine Blues” tackles the downside of a good time, and “Misunderstand” is a rallying call for change in the industry, each track encourages listeners to grapple with the weight of the themes they tackle by channeling the spirit of classic CBGB’s intensity, and a good-old-fashioned hootenanny.

And that’s precisely what these songs were written for. Fleming describes the band’s philosophy as devoted to the stage:  “Big stages or someone’s living room, the ‘show’ is what’s going to be our focus.”

Check our our exclusive premiere of Bide my time until I die below.

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