Are Fall Out Boy just figments of Jaden Smith’s imagination?

That's the case in Fall Out Boy new Inception-inspired video.

July 28, 2017

Guess we now know where Fall Out Boy (and, by extension, Jaden Smith) stand on VR: they aren’t exactly giving the tech a high valuation, at least if their new video for “Champion” is anything to go by:

The infinitely-recursive video shows off all the cool experiences VR offers, before it’s all cut short by Jaden Smith and a baseball bat. With a VR headset, you can become a stripper, Bighead from Silicon Valley, and a bullied teen, all from the comfort of your home! Truly the possibilities are endless. Here’s their M.O. behind the video:

“Champion” is the second single from Pete Wentz and co.’s seventh studio album, M A N  I A, which is out September 15th.

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