Ariana Grande may become honorary citizen of Manchester

Ariana may join the ranks of notable Mancunians, thanks to her response to the May 22nd bombing.

June 14, 2017

In honour of their efforts to rally and raise money for the city after the terrorist bombing of May 22nd, someone new may be joining the ranks of famous musician Mancunians like Morrissey, the Gallagher Bros, and Ian Curtis: Ariana Grande.

The singer is now first in line to become the recipient of an honorary citizenship program the Manchester city council has now proposed. If the proposal goes through, Ariana will be offered Mancunian citizenship in recognition of her organization of the One Love Manchester concert in support of victims of the bombing.

Under the terms of the proposal, honorary citizenships could be granted to any non-Mancunians, provided the potential honoree has provided outstanding contributions to the city. Manchester city council leader Sir Richard Leese said Ariana Grande exemplified the “resilient and compassionate way” in which the city responded to the  events of 22 May – “with love and courage rather than hatred and fear.”

The council also announced it would hold an special event later in the year to recognize the “great many selfless acts and demonstrations of community spirit in the aftermath of the atrocity.”



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