Behind the scenes with Hedley

We were on set all night while Hedley shot their outstanding Love Again video.

July 24, 2017

Somehow not distracted by the small adorable children in robot suits, or the general chaos that comes with shooting a music video, Hedley frontman Jacob Hoggard was locked in from the minute he arrived in set. While “Love Again” was directed, on paper, by J.Lee Williams, Hoggard immediately played the part of co-pilot.

And you know what? The video is better for it.

© Riley Taylor / A.Side

We spent a few hours with the band, and crew, in Toronto’s Chinatown, watching as they nailed shot after shot in local haunts like the iconic Spadina strip’s Tattoo & Barber Shop, which is no small feat, because this was no ordinary video. With a little help (and a little gear) from Samsung, “Love Again” shows you the world through a robot’s eyes. Here’s how the video shoot looked, through ours. There’s a ton of exclusive, all access photos at the bottom of this post, but here are a few of our favourite moments from the shoot:

The robot

© Riley Taylor / A.Side

Jacob doing what Jacob does best!

© Riley Taylor / A.Side

Dave gets into character

© Riley Taylor / A.Side

A shot between shots

© Riley Taylor / A.Side

Check out all of our pics here!

Photos: © Riley Taylor / A.Side
Words: Tyler Munro

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