Ben Stiller’s high school punk band is reissuing their first album

And, no this isn't an in-character Zoolander mixtape.

July 16, 2018

Captured Tracks have risen to the top as one of this decade’s more prominent indie labels through artists such as Mac Demarco and Wild Nothing, but they seem to have nabbed their biggest name yet – Ben Stiller.

No, the label isn’t dropping an in-character Zoolander mixtape, but rather reissuing the sole album by NYC post-punk band Capital Punishment, for whom a still-high-school-aged Stiller was a drummer. Roadkill, which dropped in 1982, will return to the world on September 14th, remastered and featuring two of the band’s previously-unreleased tracks.

If you just can’t wait to hear what Greg Focker providing drum fills for jangly no wave guitars sounds like (spoiler alert: Shockingly good!), check out preview track “Muzak Anonymous” below:

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