Beyonce and SZA debut new Glossier line at the Grammys

Yes, this is real.

January 29, 2018

Glossier (which the main culprit behind my pretty solid skin and very empty wallet), has just hinted at a new product. If you aren’t familiar with Glossier, it is basically the reason why you might see someone and wonder why their face looks like the most beautiful oil spill in the world, if that makes any sense. Jokes aside, it’s a seriously cool makeup brand which launched in 2014 by Into the Gloss founder Emily Weiss. Since, it has snuck into the beauty world with it’s “no makeup makeup looks” and notoriously difficult to acquire products. ~Thankfully~ they started shipping to Canada in summer 2017 so I didn’t have to smuggle it in from the US like contraband.

Last night, they announced the product launch through Beyoncé. You read that right, flippin’ Queen B. Which basically means I wear the same highlighter and brow product as Queen B. Is this what sisterhood is? Not pants, but highlighter? If yes, I’m here for the glow up.

In a string of Instagram posts featuring Beyonce, and then SZA (can I love you anymore Emily Weiss?), Glossier featured looks worn by the stars at last night’s Grammys. Listing many already released products including Cloud Paint and Boy Brow, Glossier cheekily slipped in a hint for a new product pointing the direction of Bey’s eye. Is it mascara? Maybe. Is it eyeshadow? I sure hope so. So you can assume for the better part of last night and the morning I was scrolling through Instagram in tears.

Having recently dropped Solution, an exfoliant giving Biologique Recherche a run for its money, it’s clear 2018 is going to be a big year for Glossier product drops. Glossier has hinted so several potential product releases in the past. If my research and endless snooping is correct (aka the comments section), it’s probably eyeshadow…or mascara.. or eyeliner.. Maybe all three???

It’s very typical of Glossier to very suddenly hint at a product, then release it 1-2 weeks later, so save your coin because this is going to be good. Also Emily Weiss if you’re reading this, adopt me.

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