Beyoncé finally unveiled her twins and the internet is losing it

The Queen's Bey-bies are here!

July 14, 2017

Finally, millennials have been gifted with their very own version of the Sistine Madonna —  Beyoncé has finally shared posted the first pic of twins Rumi and Sir, and the internet reacted accordingly.

To answer your one and only question (OK, besides “is his name really ‘Sir Carter’?): yes, reaction to Beyoncé’s digital baby picture has been swift, and mercilessly over-the-top:

Employers and managers in particular must be cursing Beyoncé’s name this week:

The photo is the work of Awol Erizku, an Ethiopian-born, NYC-based artist and photographer who was also responsible for that maternity photo series from a few months back, which also featured Rumi and Sir Carter, just not as late in development. Anyway, reactions to the photo continue, and it’s currently sitting at 7.1 million likes. Many Beyoncé stans are focusing their investigative efforts on the real issue at hand:

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