Camila Cabello is breaking the internet

Camila Cabello's debut album is #1 in more than 90 countries.

January 12, 2018

Maybe at the end of 2018, we’ll talk about the era before the release of Camila Capello’s eponymous debut album, Camila, and the period after… A brand new B.C.

Just a few hours after its release, the 11-track album has already broken records, quickly rising to #1 in over 90 countries.

In an age where a list of big name producers and impressive features can secure a new artist’s path to success, Camila has reached (and passed) expectations based on solely the strength of her own voice. As a debut effort, it’s remarkably void of features, except for her inescapable, Young Thug-featuring breakout single, “Havana.” Whether she’s tackling unrequited love and remaining honest with in her own feelings like on “All These Years,” or delivering another massive bop with the reggaeton-inspired “She Loves Control,” wicked, radical, undeniable self-determination underscores every single track on Camila.

Camila’s fans (lovingly called Camilizers), are part of the gold standard of stans on the internet. But the relationship between artist and fan is one of surprisingly vulnerability, and one where Camila lets her fans in without reservation.

And her Camilizers have a lot to say about the album:

When it comes to selecting a favourite track.

And how it related to her decision to depart from Fifth Harmony.

And the album’s subtle impressive moments.

And just, how much they fricken love her.

So now it’s out turn, what’s your favourite track to bump on Camila?

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