Can Tinder’s “Festival Mode” remedy the culture of sexual harassment at music festivals?

The new feature will be rolled out at 12 major festivals around the world including Governor’s Ball and Bonnaroo.

May 3, 2019

Though the singles of the world might have already started swiping in search of their spring fling, if you should fancy yourself a festivalgoer, Tinder just made your job a whole lot easier. This week, the popular dating/hookup/everything-in-between platform announced a partnership with AEG Worldwide and Live Nation to bring users Festival Mode, making sure you’ll always have a set of shoulders to watch the mainstage from.

The feature is unlocked when users swipe left on the “Festival Mode” card in their match queue, which will then allow future concertgoers to add a badge featuring the festival they’re planning on attending. Once specified, Tinder claims that the feature will allow swipers to “check out everyone else going to that festival, so you can match and chat before you make your flower crown.”

Corporate partnership or not, this festival-focused new feature will hopefully bring a welcome update to the outdated rituals of the “festival hookup”, which is in desperate need of some added layers of consent and accountability. Last year, a report found that 1 in 5 festivalgoers experienced some form of unwanted sexual harassment, with the statistic rising up to nearly 1 in 2 for women under 40.

Though its effects on the culture of sexual harassment at music festivals obviously has yet to be seen, Tinder’s focus on mutual interest as the basis of its matching system, in addition to Festival Mode’s ability for an open dialogue to exist between parties before they even put on their wristband, may provide some necessary solutions to curb this growing issue.

Festival-specific badges will be made available approximately three weeks prior to the date of the event, with the feature being made available for 12 major festivals across the world including Governor’s Ball and Bonnaroo. The complete list of swipe-able fests can be seen below:

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