Canadian festivals still have work to do

According to Canadian Women Working in Music, out of the 89 festivals were graded, only 30 receiving an "A" grade for booking 45%-50% of women-led acts.

November 23, 2017

As we careen towards the holiday season, it seems like everything that makes summer festival season worth waiting for is long behind us: the naming of the “summer banger” has been replaced with an endless stream of holiday music; hot and muddy fields have been swapped with free holiday events in icy parking lots.

But the end of the year also brings an inevitable debrief. Ahead of end of year lists of all sorts, Canadian Women Working in Music just released their inclusivity report card for a selection of the major Canadian music festival’s this year. The report took a critical look at the gender imbalance on most Canadian festival changes. In total, 89 festivals were graded, with 30 receiving an “A” grade for booking 45%-50% of women-led acts.”

The numbers below reflect a serious and positive change in the numbers of women-fronted bands on festival stages – over the past four years, numbers have definitely increased. 

Toronto Women Working in Music

Among the festival’s receiving the highest grade were Guelph’s Hillside Fest and Toronto’s inaugural Venus Fest. Veld received a D grade with only 2% of the acts featuring women-led artists. However, there are also a few notable omissions from the list: there is no data for WayHome, Arts & Crafts Field Trip or NXNE.

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We are calling on all music bookers, regardless of venue, format, or genre, to book 50% women-fronted bands in 2018, and a strong percentage of racialized people, LGBTQ people, two-spirited and non-binary people.

Toronto Women Working in Music

You can read the full report here. 

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