Cardi B is asking all the tough questions about taxes

The 5x platinum selling singer throws shade at Uncle Sam.

March 23, 2018

Cardi B, is a gift to humanity. The former dancer, now 5x platinum rapper from the Bronx is spilling tea and calling out the government on their shady use of tax money. The rapper posted a video on Instagram demanding to know where her tax money is going — and it immediately went viral. During the 52-second video, Cardi B let fans know that 40% of her income goes to taxes, demanding transparency and visible action in places like her hometown New York City.  

“When you donate to a kid from a foreign country, they give you updates of what they doing with your donation. I want to know what you’re doing with my fucking tax money because I’m from New York, and the fucking streets is always dirty. We was voted the dirtiest city in America.” At the end of the video Cardi B is fed up and wants to know where her money is going, and how she can get receipts. “What is y’all doing with my fucking money?” she calls out.”I want to know! I want receipts. I want everything.”

Cardi B’s Instagram rant has since been aired on television and is gaining support from other celebrities including Diddy who reposted the video on his Instagram. The rapper posted on Instagram a second time sharing her fear for her safety as the video went viral. 

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“I can’t believe my video made the newsYA watch out for me I’m scared!” she writes. “I don’t want GT coming o for me A lot of people responded to this video like they spend our tax money in welfare ,SSI ,military but how do you know tho?where is the prove? My neighborhood still look like shit!They can’t even afford to put Metal detectors in ALL the schools but we have money for a wall and war…..Don’t mind me thoo I’m just a ex stripper with bad grammar and heavy accent.”

Cardi B, Instagram

Cardi B continues to serve straight up realness, opening dialogues on average folks problems – and yes we’re here for it. Give us receipts to where our tax money is going, publish real changes our taxes are making, and next time Cardi B won’t have to call you out Uncle Sam.

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