Cheeky DJ slips Prince Harry and Meghan Markle his business card

That’s one way to get a wedding gig!

January 10, 2018

Sometimes, you’ve gotta just step back and respect the hustle. Historically, DJ’s have needed to have a high degree of Vitamin H, but UK DJ and music journo Jevanni Letford has just showed us he’s got that game on lock, and majorly upped his chances of securing the most high-profile, profitable, and desirable wedding gig in the universe:

Not content to just sit back and let his expertly-targeted business card do the work to get the gig of a wedding DJ gig of lifetime for Prince Harry/Meghan Markle, Jevanni’s also set up an online petition to help him show the royal couple that the people of the Commonwealth are on side:

As he told the BBC, Jevanni already has the beginnings of a setlist in mind. “To get everyone on the dance floor I’d probably start off with something like This Is How We Do It by Montel Jordan, so that everyone can start doing the running man dance,” he said. “I’d definitely play Candy by Cameo. I get the impression Prince Harry knows the dance as well so that would definitely go out.”

“Meghan is from the west coast so I’d probably play some west coast hip hop… Kendrick Lamar… I’d actually play some Stormzy as well,” he continued.

Anything’s possible, through the magic of hustling.

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