Chris Brown is being sued by a woman who was sexually assaulted at his home

A report by the LAPD outlined the harrowing details of the incident that happened in February 2017.

May 10, 2018

Please note that this article contains graphic descriptions of alleged sexual assault . 

An unidentified woman claims to have been victim to a series of horrific allegations, including sexual assault and battery, at the hands of Chris Brown and his associates during a harrowing incident in February of 2017.

The Jane Doe, being represented by high-profile women’s rights attorney Gloria Allred, describes the incident as occurring at Chris Brown’s house following an afterparty at a recording studio where Doe and a number of other guests had their phones confiscated. She claims that she followed Brown back to his residence to get her phone back where instead, Brown handed Doe and several other women in attendance “a clear pill filled with white powder and instructed them to take it to have a ‘good time.” She claims that she declined the offer.

The scene worsened from there: Jane Doe alleges that Brown and his associate Young Lo (real name Lowell Grissom Jr.) intimidated the plaintiff by waving around firearms followed by Brown instructing that a couch be pushed in front of his bedroom door, trapping the victim in his room where he then began to blast pornography and deafening music “to create a hypersexualized environment in the sealed bedroom.”

Jane Doe then describes that she was ordered to remove her clothing and engage in sexual activities with the parties present. She claims that her refusal was met with violence from another female party, identified as Jane Doe X, who according to the allegations “violently grabbed Plaintiff by the throat and forced Plaintiff to perform oral sex on Grissom” before Doe X pinned the victim down by sitting on the her face, forcing the plaintiff to perform oral sex on her while Grissom further molested her with his mouth and hands.

Afterwards, the plaintiff decided to take a shower for health reasons, only to be once again confronted by Grissom who would molest her again. This would happen twice more; first when she tried running away from Grissom after the shower incident, and finally when the victim was waiting for a rideshare, only for Grissom to refuse to open the security gates until he was done violating her.

Although the LAPD states that at this point they “do not have any open investigations into Chris Brown for a criminal matter”, this incident is merely the latest in a long history of gendered violence from Chris Brown, which includes the 2009 felony assault on ex-girlfriend Rihanna and ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran being awarded emergency stay away order after Brown allegedly punched her in the stomach and pushed her down a flight of stairs last year.

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