Compliment battle rapping is the most Canadian thing ever

Rap battles with a complimentary twist.

June 29, 2017

Even though it’s a proudly Canadian institution, the average King of the Dot rap battle is filled with insults, contempt, mockery, put-downs, abuse, and a lot of shouted homophobic slurs, but there are exceptions. Sometimes, you want to take a break from all that nonstop rhymed defamation, and get a little more complimentary:

As funny as it is to watch a confirmed mic mutilator like Pat Stay throw out lines like “Do you know how much sugar I’ve lent my neighbours? / I did my ALS challenge in a cryogenic chamber,” compliment rap battles go back further than you’d think. The first one, naturally, took place at KOTD: World Domination 2 in Toronto, all the way back in the ancient days of Yelawolf relevance and state-of-the-art 720p definition:

From there, the format took off to other battle promotions, spreading the love all over the world. Some other notable compliment battles over the years:

Don’t ever change, KOTD. Next time you get some competitors on a morning talk show, maybe stick to the compliment battle format.

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