Danny Brown is loving life with his new teeth

The Detroit rapper has words of wisdom for taking care of yourself.

November 17, 2017

Detroit’s crown prince of offbeat hip-hop and gap-tooth goodness, Danny Brown, recently took care of that latter part, replacing his trademark chipped-tooth grin with some premium new teeth, as evidenced by his Instagram:

“I didn’t fix them because I wanted to, but because I had to” Danny said in the recent cover story. “My teeth were fucked up, so I had to fix ’em.” Even so, Danny obviously isn’t taking his majestic new grill lightly, and has some words of encouragement for fellow dental-work veterans (and some for th fans who preferred his trademark off-kilter grin) :

In case you never got the story on how Danny Brown lost his teeth in the first place, here it is:


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