What songs would Deadpool put on his playlist?

From LCD Soundsystem and Enya, to N.E.R.D and Portishead, these are the tracks we think Wade Wilson has on repeat on his phone.

May 7, 2018
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I’m not going to say it’s fully summer yet (because the last time I did, there was a massive ice storm the next day), but I am joining the chorus of voices who are screaming over the fact that We Can’t Believe It’s Not Winter™. The reemergence of jean jacket weather and artisan ice cream also means that we have officially swung into summer blockbuster season. Nearly half-way into the year, it’s clear that 2018 has been one of the most impressive (and legitimately thrilling) years for superhero films in recent memory with a string of high-budget, higher-quality films like Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War, and now, Deadpool 2.

Mixing the situational comedy reminiscent of classic 80s flicks with a sardonic, modern twist, Deadpool 2 already stands out among the crowd. After defeating Ajax and pledging(ish) to be more valiant in the future, Deadpool forms X-Force, a group of eccentric mutants with a new task at hand: protect the young mutant Russell from Deadpool’s frenemy Cable. Juicy, huh? And of course we can expect Deadpool’s signature razor-sharp humour, R-rated commentary and irresistibly cheesy whips to be the glue that holds this new ensemble cast of mutant mercenaries and teenage punks together.

What better way to pregame for a film that relies on the prowess of big characters than with a playlist of tracks that embody the spirit of Deadpool himself. Consider this your guide to the tracks we think might land a spot on his playlist. Maybe.

Lil Uzi Vert — XO Tour Lif3”

As soon as we heard that X-Force were going to be the focal point of Deadpool 2, we knew that a squad anthem was in order. Lil Uzi Vert’s grimly brilliant ode to friendship will work just as well for you and your closest pals as it will for a crew of misfits. It’s only fitting that it makes an appearance on Deadpool’s playlist, as we see him go from lone wolf to crucial member of the pack.   

NWA — “Express Yourself”

Sampling “Express Yourself” by Charles Wright & the Watts, the song brings in some heart-warming content with literal, expressive verses. No one dare’s shut down NWA. It’s edgy with a little bit of wholesome, a bit like Deadpool himself.

LCD Soundsystem — “american dream”

From the endless references to the relative absurdity of the situations around him to Deadpool’s self-deprecating humor, Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool is constantly smashing the 4th wall. We all love a reflexive hero, and who’s better at speaking to the throes of Deadpool’s internal turmoil than the meta king himself, James Murphy.

ABBA — “Dancing Queen”

By now, we have a bunch of examples of Deadpool dancing, and we can’t. look. away. You could say he’s the Dancing Queen in the “my dad is dancing in the middle of the supermarket to ABBA, and it’s good but I don’t want to admit it” kind of way. And we all know Deadpool would be first in line for that reunion tour.

OutKast — “Hey Ya!”

Deadpool is known for being super in his feelings (and we love that he’s as emo as the rest of us). The beauty of this song lies in its nuance: you don’t really know where the joke ends and tragedy begins. You HAVE to dance, but there’s a good chance you’re crying through the tears.

DMX — “Ruff Ryders’ Anthem”

Remember when we all had that one week where every other sentence we said was “X Gon’ Give It to Ya”? Nope? Just me? Cool. Remember when Deadpool kicked all the asses to “X Gon’ Give It to Ya” in the last Deadpool movie? I mean, that worked out pretty well for him. Assuming he will be kicking or needing to kick more asses, he should use this OG DMX banger to keep his good luck going—even though this time around, he’ll have Domino to help him out in that department.

Run DMC — “It’s Tricky

This has to be one of the most clever rap songs to be released. It delivers on the jokes, some zingers, and a whole lot of sass. It’s Deadpool reincarnated (or, we should say, regenerated) with vicious bars to match. We’re sliding this in as X-Force’s walk-off music as explosions go off in the distance.  

N.E.R.D — “Lemon”

With a reasonable degree of scientific certainty, we don’t think it’s possible to listen to “Lemon” and not feel like you can take on the whole world. With blunt hi-hats and blunter delivery, this is the sort of song you play when you’re about to throw some punches—or when you’re practicing your “serious superhero” face in the mirror, which we’re fully assuming Deadpool does.

Portishead — “Machine Head”

We have the feeling so far that the characters in Deadpool 2 will spend a lot of time thinking about and being affected by the space-time continuum. This classic by the British band Portishead is pretty much exactly what we think it might sound like to be in Deadpool’s brain as he navigates the rigors of time travel.

Air Supply — “I’m All Out of Love”

Air Supply is the band we love to hate, probably because our parents liked them. The song that plays ironically (and sometimes, completely unironically) at weddings, school dances, and in the car is now here to make you roll your eyes, and sing along until it grows on you and then you’re listening to it on your morning commute over and over again. To be honest, Deadpool’s IDGAF attitude is everyday goals, so yeah, let your freak flag fly. You’re welcome.

Enya — “Only Time”

Let’s get real here: we all love Peter. We’ve barely seen him for more than 30 seconds, but he’s already a favourite X-Force member. So here’s a thought: since Peter is everyone’s unofficial dad(dy)—I mean, he’s just as good at beekeeping as he is at serving up stellar life advice—we’re imagining a scenario where Deadpool, in a moment of tender lucidity, gives some of Peter’s recommendations for the absolute best songs of the 80s a listen. Spoiler alert: he ends up even liking a few of them.

George Michael — Careless Whisper

You really think I wasn’t going to put this on the playlist? *scoffs* As the first film ended, it’s only right to begin where we left off—with Deadpool as Sexy Sax Man. A perfectly executed troll from our friendly neighborhood *mutant* troll.

Deadpool 2 opens in theatres May 18th

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