Did Joey Bada$$ lose his sight during the eclipse?

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August 23, 2017

We all were told by our media outlets of choice that staring at Monday’s solar eclipse without any kind of protection may cause eye damage, but leave it to rapper and noted conspiracy theorist Joey Bada$$ to question the mainstream position on eclipse viewing. Oh, on an unrelated note: vision problems might also be the cause of Joey Bada$$ cancelling tour stops in Cleveland, Chicago, and Toronto.

Earlier this week during Eclipse Monday, Bada$$ (government name: Jo-Vaughn Virginie Scott) tweeted out his reluctance to believe any harm could happen to his eyes, and noted that he watched the eclipse without any protection and that he’s got experience in staring at our friendliest burning star already: “I’ve sungazed before and afterwards saw colors for a whole day. I didn’t die tho”:

Then, one day later:

Sure, it probably won’t outright kill you, but letting the sun’s ultraviolet radiation directly hit your retinas isn’t a good idea. Even while the sun is totally occluded by the moon, ultraviolet sunlight can causer eye disorders including macular degeneration, solar retinitis and corneal dystrophies.  Of course, the “unforeseen circumstances” that prompted the cancellations could literally be anything under the uh, eclipse, but you gotta admit the timing is suspicious and those circumstances could easily be “stared at the sun even when the whole world was telling me not to”.

If the cancellations are somehow eclipse-related, well, at least Joey can take heart in knowing he isn’t alone:


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