A ton of people showed up to a Smash Mouth concert in Shrek costumes

It all started with a Craigslist ad. What a time to be alive.

August 7, 2017

Meme-y, viral Facebook events are a lot of fun, but rarely is there much follow through. But this? It’s the exception. And what a beautiful, beautiful exception it was. Certainly so much better than that gas station Limp Bizkit show that never was.

Back in July, we told you that hundreds of Smash Mouth fans (or Shrek) fans were planning on attending their Point State Park show in full costume. Or, at least, varying degrees of costume.

This past weekend, that’s exactly what happened.

Some masks were better than others

Marissa F. / Facebook

But everybody seemed to be having a great time…

Jacob M. / Facebook

Where’s Waldo? Shrek Edition

Chelsea S. / Facebook

These Shreks made it a family affair

PJ G. / Facebook

A for Effort because yeah, Shrek is luv

Maggie K. / Facebook

Even Donkey showed up

Ruth V. / Facebook

Wait, there was a SHREK FIGHT?

Heck yeah? More like SHREK yeah!

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