Drake gave away $10,000 worth of ice cream

What do you think “Changing From A Boy To A Man” or “I Just Flipped A Switch” tastes like?

July 26, 2018

Drake’s no stranger to charity – earlier this year, the Toronto rapper gave away nearly one million dollars for his “God’s Plan” video – but for all of his random acts of kindness, none of them have been quite this cool (literally). This past weekend, Drake provided residents of California’s ritzy Hidden Hills and Calabasas neighbourhoods with a chance to beat this unusually hot summer (and we’re not just talking about Scorpion’s streaming performance here, ayy!) by handing out a Drake-like excess of ice cream treats – 10,000 dollars’ worth, to be exact.

Dessert-seekers were not presented with a choice between ice cream sandwiches or creamsicles, but rather something more alone the lines of “Changing From A Boy To A Man” or “I Just Flipped A Switch”, with each ice cream cart decked out in Drake lyrics:

The occasion seems to unfortunately have been a one-off in promotion of Scorpion, though the brevity of Drake’s existence as the neighbourhood Ice Cream Man might also have to do with stopping Pusha T from responding with a Popsicle stand of his own.

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