Drake’s “In My Feelings” challenge has taken over back-to-school season

The teachers want to know: Kiki, do you love reading?

August 24, 2018

If the schoolyard is the long-proven hotbed for the latest fads, from Pokémon to fidget spinners, then the hallways of the school itself ­is where these trends go to die, whether that means your rare Charizard card getting confiscated or your fidget spinner being turned into a tool of – ugh – learning. One of the summer’s biggest crazes has been Drake’s “In My Feelings” challenge, so just in time for back to school season, it has naturally progressed from being an iPhone anthem of clout-minded youths and into a lame ode to the joys of reading in a far bigger way than anyone could’ve expected (don’t get us wrong, though – reading is pretty dope).

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