Even Drake is on Meek Mill’s side

Meek Mill has been sentenced to jail time after violating his probation on a 9-year-old charge.

November 20, 2017

Not exactly known as the world’s most enthusiastic Meek Mill fan, even Drake is now expressing support for the Philadelphia rapper after Mill was sentenced to two-to-four years in state prison due to probation violation.

Meek Mill was sentenced last week for violating his nearly decade-long probation, which stems from a drug and gun charge from 2008, when the rapper was 19 years old. Despite the prosecutor asking for no jail time, Judge Genece Brinkley cited a failed drug test, failure to comply with a court order restricting his travel, and two other arrests in her decision to sentence Mill to prison.

At a tour stop in Melbourne over the weekend, Drake became the latest in a number of high-profile defenders of Meek Mill when he shouted “Free Meek Mill!” after noticing a fan’s pro-Meek sign. The show of support is especially surprising, since you miiiight recall Drake and Meek weren’t exactly on the best of terms back in 2015, after Mill accused Drake of extensive use of ghostwriters on his material.

The wider #FreeMeekMill movement is gathering steam, with a rally being held last week outside Philadelphia’s Criminal Justice Center. Speakers in attendance, such as Rick Ross and b-ball legend Julius “Dr. J” Erving, decried the sentence as a “travesty of justice” and put the focus on a justice system that  “funds prisons over programs.”

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